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Adam Seal is a New Orleans-based visual artist and filmmaker who takes particular interest in analyzing the smallest, unseen details of our existence. While his body of work primarily consists of short experimental works, Adam Seal likes to dabble with drama, esoteric horror/thriller, and science fiction in his work.


Hailing from Covington, LA, Adam Seal has always been drawn to films as far back as he can remember: beginning with watching Star Wars and Indiana Jones films at an early age with his family, then later branching out to appreciate more independent and international films as a teenager. In highschool, he attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts’ half-day Media Arts program where he developed in his own vision, studied basic concepts of filmmaking, and graduated during the pandemic in 2020. He now attends LOYOLA University New Orleans as a Digital Filmmaking major, and is in the process of producing his capstone film.

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